Mary Lite Lamayo to Controversial Video: “Pati pag hawak nya sa bewang ko big deal?”

Mary Lite Lamayo Breaks Silence to Controversial Video w/ Boyfriend

The social media personality Mary Lite Lamayo finally reacts to her controversial video: “Pati pag hawak nya sa bewang ko big deal?”

The lady YouTube vlogger’s controversial video with her beloved boyfriend Roi spread like a wild on social media and elicits comments from the netizens. The netizens were accusing them doing something naughty during a vlog.

The couple seems to look at each other frequently and seems to be bothered by something. Lite has also covered her legs with a pillow, which allegedly hides their naught act while their friend is talking in front of the camera.

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Roi’s hand can be also seen behind the legs of Lamayo and transferring it frequently like he is doing something. However, there are still no confirmation whether they are doing something lascivious during the vlog.

Recently, a Facebook user named Aki Akiyama has shared the screenshot of alleged Mary Lite Lamayo’s statement regarding the issue. In the photo, it can be seen that the vlogger explained that her boyfriend was just holding her hips.

Mary Lite Lamayo

Here is the post:

Mary Lite Lamayo

Aki captioned the post with:

“Bewang naman daw pala issue kayo”

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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