Answer To The “I Have 6 Eggs” Riddle

I HAVE 6 EGGS RIDDLE – During the coronavirus quarantine, riddles have been a welcome past time on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

In this article, we are going to answer one of those popular riddles that goes “I have 6 eggs. I broke 2, I cooked 2 and ate 2. How many eggs do I have?“. Here is the explanation of the answer to the riddle.

As any riddle would go, the question seems very simple. A person having 6 eggs broke a number of eggs. More importantly, the riddle states the person broke 2 eggs, cooked 2, and then ate 2. This adds up to 6 eggs, right? So how many eggs do I have?

I have 6 Eggs Riddle Answer And Explanation - I have 6 Eggs. I Broke 2

Some say that the answer is no eggs, since you broke, cook, and ate a total of 6 eggs. However, if you think about it, the process of making a meal out of an egg starts with breaking, cooking, then eating the egg.

Therefore, after breaking two eggs, a person then cooks that egg and eats them afterward. So one of the possible answers to the riddle would be 4 eggs. The reason for that is because the person asking the riddle would’ve cooked and ate the same 2 eggs.

Meanwhile, another possible answer is that the person would still have 6 eggs. Here’s the reason why!

The words broke, cooked, and ate are all past tense. This meant that the person asking the riddle already broke, cooked, and ate the eggs which are separate from six eggs that the person currently has in his hands.

Therefore, it wouldn’t matter how many eggs a person broke, cooked, or ate as long as he did those in the past, it wouldn’t affect the 6 eggs the person currently has.

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