Ryssi Avila Finally Breaks Silence Over Ry & Con Breakup

Ryssi Avila Finally Speaks Up After Breakup with Con

The social media personality Ryssi Avila finally breaks her silence over her breakup with partner “Con” and gives her side of the story about the issue.

Last week, the rumored breakup of the social media duo Ry and Con spread like a wildfire online and garnered various reactions from the online community. There are some speculations that the couple broke up because of Ex-Battalion member Skusta Clee.

Ryssi also confirmed their breakup through her Facebook post but did not mention her rumored relationship with Daryl Ruiz or known as Skusta Clee. The rapper also clarified that he and Ryssi were just friends.

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Ryssi Avila

Recently, Ryssi Avila finally breaks her silence regarding the issue and made some clarifications on her Instagram story. She also expressed her sentiments and struggles after her breakup with Con after two years of being in a relationship.

The first video shows Ryssi is singing together with Skusta Clee followed by her shocking revelations. The public figure clarified that she and Daryl were just friends for a very long time.

Ryssi Avila

Ryssi said that she and Con were in good terms after their breakup but she was shocked after her former partner announced their breakup on public.

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