Marjorie Barretto’s Youngest Daughter Erich Reveals Relationship w/ Siblings

Marjorie Barretto’s Daughters Claudia and Erich on Podcast

MARJORIE BARRETTO – Erich, the youngest daughter of the former actress, revealed her relationship with her siblings.

Marjorie has five (5) children – Dani, Julia, Claudia, Leon, and Erich. Her eldest, Dani, already has a family of her own. She is married to Xavi Panlilio and they now have a daughter, Millie.

Julia, Claudia, and Leon are Marjorie’s children with ex-husband Dennis Padilla. Julia is an actress while Claudia focuses on her music. The former actress’ only son, Leon, is visibly focusing on his studies now.

The youngest daughter of Marjorie Barretto, Erich, is her child with politician Recom Echiverri. She just turned eight (8) years old amid the quarantine measures in the Philippines due to COVID-19.

The former actress prepared wonderful surprises for her daughter on her birthday. Her siblings were complete and they even played games such as the longest greeting, the marshmallow-eating game, and the trip to Jerusalem.

Visibly, Erich really brings a lot of joy to the Barretto family. Her siblings are so fond of her. This pretty and smart girl has also hooked the hearts of her mom and her sisters’ followers on social media.

A lot of people are requesting for Erich to appear on Claudia’s podcast. Recently, that request was granted and the 8-year-old child is really on to answering questions from her sister.

During the podcast, Erich spoke on her relationship with her female siblings. The youngest daughter of Marjorie Barretto revealed the things she enjoyed with her sisters.

Erich tagged her relationship with Dani as “very fun”. She is happy whenever Dani would come to their house and they can play together with Millie.

With Julia, the youngest daughter of Marjorie Barretto expressed that she enjoys baking with her older sister. She also love staying at the house of Julia which is just near their family’s residence.

With Claudia, Erich said that she enjoys swimming and watching videos with her. The older Barretto shared that Erich usually visits her in her room and would just lie down in bed together with their phones. During the quarantine, they had boxing lessons and they also jogged.

A lot of netizens reacted to the podcast of Marjorie’s daughters. Here are some of the comments:

Jacinta Garcia: “Such a smart kid! As young as she is, she’s acting mature for her age.”

JG: “Erich is so smart, adorable and well spoken. Grabe this girl ha, 8 years old lang siya”

Fran Cy: “this kid is cute and very smart..hope she is unaffected by the Barreto intrigues and just be normal”

Princess Zonio: “Claudia is such a brilliant young lady…she is so fined”

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