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Policeman Caught Looting Nike Shoes Amid Protests

Policeman Caught Looting Nike Shoes Amid Protests

Policeman Caught Looting Nike Shoes During Protests

POLICEMAN CAUGHT LOOTING – Several protests and riots have erupted following the death of George Floyd.

However, the peaceful protest has somewhat been twisted by some bad actors for their own gain. Instead of banding together for the common goal of ending police brutality and injustice, some took it upon themselves to profit out of the riots.

As such, there have been several reports of looting throughout the United States in places where riots happened. Because of this, police have a hard time maintaining order amidst the chaos.

But, one policeman probably said to himself “If you can’t beat em’ Join em!” and took some loot of his own.

An Instagram User uploaded a story showing a policeman stacking up boxes upon boxes of Nike shoes in the trunk of his car following a riot.

Policeman Caught Looting Nike Shoes Amid Protests

Now more than ever, police have had a bad rep with the community following Floyd’s death. Moreover, even with peaceful protests, police were still seen using unnecessary force on protesters.

There was even a video showing how a policeman forcibly placed a weapon on a black man’s hand so he could justify beating him up. Additionally, there was an incident where a Senator was pepper-sprayed and handcuffed by the police even after he explained who he was.

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