Over 500 inmates COVID-19 Positive Within BJMP

President Duterte Reports Over 500 Inmates Tests Positive For COVID-19 In BJMP

CORONAVIRUS IN BJMP – President Rodrigo Duterte reported to congress that over 500 inmates in the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) across the country were positive for COVID-19.

During his latest report, Duterte stated that on May 19, the BJMP documented 517 positive coronavirus cases in 10 facilities. Meanwhile, 703 others are suspected with 86 probable cases.

Over 500 inmates COVID-19 Positive Within BJMP
Image from: Inquirer

However, the report did not disclose the whereabouts of the patients. According to an article from Philstar, President Duterte said:

The PDLs who have been found positive are currently being treated in various isolation facilities established by the BJMP

In the Philippines, experts have feared a massive spike in COVID-19 cases within the country’s jail system. This was due to the apparent overcrowding of inmates within the facilities.

Because of the overcrowding of inmates, the option of social distancing because but a suggestion left to words. In Cebu alone, 372 people had tested positive for the new coronaviurs.

Meanwhile, to address the potential explosive rise in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, isolation cetners have been erected by the bureau as they intesified contact tracing.

As per the article, New Bilibid prison also recorded 117 coronavirus infections in their facilities. Meanwhile, 77 of those infections were documented from the Correctional Institution for Women.

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