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KathNiel Fans Rally Against Trolls On Twitter With #WeBlockAsOne

KathNiel FANS AGAINST TROLLS – The biggest celebrity fandom in the Philippines rally together against trolls and hates on social media.

Following the shut down of ABS-CBN, celebrities from the network started voicing out their thoughts on the topic. However, Kathryn and Daniel, being one of the top celebs in the country, were quickly targeted.

The issue started when a Facebook Page called Banat By made a livestream reacting to Kathryn’s take on the shut down. He went through the actress’ points and made counter-arguments to each one.

KathNiel Fans Rally Against Trolls With #WeBlockAsOne
Image from: Instagram

Clearly, the reactor argued that Kathryn shouldn’t compare herself to others because she is in a place of privilege. Moreover, he cited that the ABS-CBN shutdown was justified as the law was merely being followed.

He also said that actresses like Kathryn keep on repeating words that they don’t understand like “pagtulong”. Furthermore, he cited Ivana Alawi as an example as an actress who gave help even after the ABS-CBN Shutdown.

Also, the man behind Banat By also compared Kathryn to Mocha Uson when she said that she experienced heavy bashing for her take. He argued that Mocha was also heavily bashed by “Dilawans”.

However, fans of KathNiel argued that the livestreamer simply tried to malign the words of Kathryn and Daniel. Thus, they went to Twitter and started the #WeBlockAsOne campaign.

Here are some of the Tweets of their supporters:

I just appreciate how the KathNiel fandom for not just supporting their idols for the kilig, but also for what they stand for.

#WeBlockAsOne Misinformation does not have a place in this challenging time.


Thousands of KathNiel fans rallied not just for their idols but for the cause they represent.

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