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What Is “Doubt” In Tagalog?

DOUBT IN TAGALOG – Here is another term in the English language that we are going to translate in the Filipino language.

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The English term that we are going to translate is the term “doubt“. We must first know its definition in the dictionary.


Here are the following definitions of this term

  • As a Noun
    • a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.
  • As a Verb
    • feel uncertain about.
      • question the truth or fact of (something).
      • disbelieve (a person or their word).
      • feel uncertain, especially about one’s religious beliefs.
    • fear; be afraid

It is synonymous to the following:

  • uncertainty
  • indecision
  • hesitation
  • hesitancy
  • suspicion
  • confusion
  • dubiety
  • wavering
  • vacillation
  • irresolution
  • distrust
  • mistrust
  • suspicion
  • cynicism
  • incredulity
  • question
  • query
  • disbelieve
  • suspect
  • challenge
  • dispute
  • shilly-shally
  • waver
  • falter
  • dither


Translations of this term include:

  • pagdududa
  • duda
  • alinlangan
  • agam
  • alapaap
  • pangamba
  • antilawan
  • atubili
  • bantiti
  • alapap
  • magduda
  • hindi maniwala
  • hindi paniwalaan
  • mangamba
  • mag-urong-sulong
  • mag-atubili


I doubt that he will change his attitude

Duda ako na magbabago ang kanyang ugali.

Charlie approached the suspicious box with doubt in his heart.

Lumalapit si Carlo sa kahina-hinalang kahon na may pagdududa sa loob ng kanyang puso.

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