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Here’s Francis Leo Marcos Reaction To Xian Gaza’s Viral Video

FRANCIS LEO MARCOS – Here’s the reaction of Francis Leo Marcos to Xian Gaza’s viral video.

These past few days, internet sensation Xian Gaza and businessman Francis Leo Marcos made the Internet abuzz because of their thought-provoking videos against one another. It all started when Marcos challenged the Filipino billionaires to help the poor because of the health crisis our country is experiencing right now. He even highlighted to burn their money.

As a response to the challenge, controversial personality, Xian, posted his video on Facebook. It was seen in the video that he sarcastically responded to the challenge and that he himself can afford too. He even compared himself to “Boss FM.”

Photo Source: @NYEAM VLOGS FB

Because of that, Francis Leo Marcos posted a video just recently to react to the video posted by Xian Gaza. In the first part of the video, he said that if you will get deeper into his life, you will not find something against him; that he is not a criminal nor a scammer like Xian. He also said that all along, he was just staying in his house with his family.

In short, he never hid as to how Xian said it. As much as possible, he don’t want to respond to Xian’s accusations anymore. But then, he felt pity for him and just gave him friendly advice.

As based on him, instead of being boastful and showing his wealth on social media, why not use it to help other people who were in great need especially as of this moment. With that, you can make people like and be grateful to you. He also said that he will pray for Xian. He then said that he and Xian are not the same.

Photo Source: @Francis Leo Marcos FB

Francis Leo Marcos also said with pride and conviction that if ever there will be a case to file against him, he will face it wholeheartedly with the help of his lawyers.

At the end of the video, he said that his challenge continues because he believed that more helping hands means faster recovery for our country.

Watch the video below:

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