Sassa Gurl After He Becomes Subject of Homily: “Peace be with you na lang”

Sassa Gurl

Sassa Gurl Expresses Reactions After He Becomes Subject of Homily The internet sensation Sassa Gurl has expressed his reaction after he becomes the subject of a homily in a church seminar. Once again, the exploding blush on of social media personality and content creator Felix Petate, also known as “Sassa Gurl,” has caught attention. But … Read more

College Student Becomes Internet Sensation After Selfies Fetched Over $1 Million

College Student

College Student Fetched Over $1 Million After Uploading His Selfies Over the Past 5 Years A college student from Indonesia becomes an instant internet sensation after his selfies fetched over $1 million in NFT sales. The Indonesian student identified as Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali earned instant popularity after taking a picture of himself sitting in … Read more

Ericka Camata Ms. Everything Transformation, Photographer Reveals This

erika camata ms everything

Ms. Everything, Ericka Camata, had this transformation photoshoot Internet sensation Ericka Camata, also known as Ms. Everything, wowed netizens with his transformation photoshoot and fashion photographer Ahleks Fusilero made these revelations. Ericka, born Jeric Maribojoc Camata, caught the attention of the online community due to his funny videos. He earned the moniker Ms. Everything because … Read more

Miss Everything Wow Netizens for Showing Off Jaw-dropping Transformation

Miss Everything Show Off Jaw-dropping Transformation, Amazed Netizens Internet sensation and YouTube vlogger Miss Everything amazed netizens after showing off her jaw-dropping transformation in her photoshoot. Miss Everything becomes popular because of her hilarious videos uploaded on social media. She is also called Ericka Maribojoc Camata in her place in Samar. Recently, Miss Everything revealed … Read more

Ms. Everything Expose New Boyfriend Online, Netizens React Hilariously

Netizens Express Hilarious Reactions to Ms. Everything New Boyfriend Internet sensation and vlogger Ms. Everything had exposed his new boyfriend via a video-sharing app that earned various reactions online. Ericka Maribojoc Camata or popularly known as Miss Everything from Samar has become an internet star as she captured netizens’ attention with her hilarious video on … Read more

Francis Leo Marcos Introduces Wife, Video Earns Reactions from Netizens

Meet the beautiful wife of Francis Leo Marcos Internet sensation Francis Leo Marcos introduced his beautiful wife and this earned various reactions from netizens. Marcos, who introduced himself as a businessman, caught the attention of the online community when he challenged the billionaires in the Philippines to help the less fortunate Pinoys amid the COVID-19 … Read more

Francis Leo Marcos Responds To Xian Gaza’s Viral Video

Francis Leo Marcos & Xian Gaza

Here’s Francis Leo Marcos Reaction To Xian Gaza’s Viral Video FRANCIS LEO MARCOS – Here’s the reaction of Francis Leo Marcos to Xian Gaza’s viral video. These past few days, internet sensation Xian Gaza and businessman Francis Leo Marcos made the Internet abuzz because of their thought-provoking videos against one another. It all started when … Read more

Madam Kilay Talks About Separation With Husband “Afam”

Madam Kilay 4

Madam Kilay Finally Talks About Separation With Her Husband “Afam” on Social Media MADAM KILAY – Filipino comedian Madam Kilay talked about her separation with her husband Afam on social media. Jinky Anderson or better known as Madam Kilay was famous for making hilarious video vines on social media. The comedian aims to make a … Read more