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What Is “Dust” In Tagalog?

DUST IN TAGALOG – Here is another word in the English language that we are going to translate in the Filipino language.

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The English word that we are going to translate is “dust“. We must first know its definition in the dictionary.


There are two definitions of this term: as a noun and as a verb. Here are the following:

  • As a noun
    • fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried in the air.
      • any material in the form of tiny particles
      • a fine powder
      • a cloud of dust.
    • an act of dusting.
  • As a verb
    • remove the dust from the surface of (something) by wiping or brushing it.
      • bring something out for use again after a long period of neglect
    • cover lightly with a powdered substance
      • sprinkle (a powdered substance) on to something.

It is synonymous to the following:

  • Noun
    • fine powder
    • fine particles
    • dirt
    • grime
    • filth
    • smut
    • soot
  • Verb
    • wipe
    • clean
    • buff
    • brush
    • sweep
    • mop
    • sprinkle
    • scatter
    • powder
    • dredge
    • sift
    • spray
    • cover
    • spread
    • strew


The Filipino term of dust includes the following:

  • Noun
    • alikabok
    • alabok
    • abok
    • gabok
  • Verb
    • magpunas
    • palisan
    • paspasan
    • pinaspasan
    • magpaspas
    • punasan
    • pinalisan
    • magbudbod
    • pinunasan
    • magpalis


The room is filled with dust.

Puno ng mga alikabok ang kwartong ito.

John, could you please dust the kitchen?

Juan, pwede mo bang punasan ang kusina?

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