Freelance Model Kylyn Royeras Reportedly Takes Her Own Life Due To Post-Partum Depression

Freelance Model Kylyn Royeras Reportedly Takes Her Own Life

DAVAO – The freelance model Kylyn Royeras allegedly took her own life due to her struggle with Post-Partum Depression.

Over the past years, depression has been one of the major problems not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. Some people experiencing depression even take their own lives.

The field experts had already advised people to be more considerate and understanding to people who were suffering from depression. Numerous people all around the world lose their lives due to depression.

Kylyn Royeras

Recently, Kylyn Royeras, a freelance event model allegedly took her own life on Friday (March 6, 2020). Royeras is struggling with premenstrual syndrome and postpartum depression before her untimely death.

Kylyn Royeras

Kylyn’s family, friends, fans, and supporters were shocked after hearing the unexpected news. The social media users also expressed their condolences towards the family of PPD victim.

Kylyn Royeras

Here is the post of a Facebook user named Liza Diaz”

Kylyn Royeras…Rest in Peace…😭😭😭 paano nlng mga anak mo sis 🥺 surething your Family and God will guide them. Hope you’ll finally find ur happiness in heaven..

Postpartum Depression and pre-menstrual symptoms ain’t easy, which commonly include mood swings this is natural for woman, being sometimes irritable,do crying spells, having anxiety & strssed… So please guys, understand us woman no matter what… Especially those woman na kapapanganak pa Lang and possible hanggang mag 3yrs old ang anak.

This is the reason why you always have to check your family members…kamustahin, kausapin iparamdam ang pagmamahal 


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Kylyn Royeras

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