Pig Farm In China Process Pigs With ASF & Sends To Major Markets

Pig Farm In Wuhan, China Still Process Swine Fever Meat To Send To Supermarkets

PIG FARM IN CHINA – Amidst the coronavirus outbreak in China, there has been a massive shortage of livestock such as chicken and pigs.

Pig Farm In China Process Pigs With ASF & Sends To Major Markets
Image from: Harry Chen PhD | Twitter

Due to China’s transportation lockdown, the agriculture market in the country had been hit hard, especially farms in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus outbreak.

Recently, a netizen from Twitter uploaded a video that showed a pig farm in Huangpi District in Wuhan that continued to process meat from swine fever infected pigs.

In addition, the pigs have masks on them in an attempt to protect the livestock from the virus.


According to the comment section in the thread, the translation of the people talking in the video goes as follows:

The voice of shooter: yesterday, there is no production, now they start to work again. Worker, Forklift, dead pig, last night checked, no production, now they do

One user by the name of Simon also translated something similar:

Image from: Harry Chen PhD | Twitter

You could clearly see several pigs scattered dead on the floor as the people talk. However, there was so information as to where the processed meat from the pigs where being shipped to.

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