China Imposes Death Penalty To Disruptors Of Virus Control

China Imposes Severe Punishments Like Death Penalty Amidts Virus Outbreak

CHINA IMPOSES DEATH PENALTY – The Chinese government had imposed new regulations that severely punishes those who hinder the virus control work.

China Imposes Death Penalty To Disruptors Of Virus Control
Image from: Aljazeera

The coronavirus outbreak which started in Wuhan had now caused more than 720 deaths. Along with this, there have been more than 34,000 people infected with the deadly virus worldwide.

According to an article from CNN, harsh punishments, including the death penalty would be imposed on those who violate the new rules.

In a joint statement released Saturday, the nation’s National Health Commission, Supreme Court, Supreme Procuratorate, and Ministry of Public Security had listed seven types of the new medical-related violations/crimes.

As per the article, the approval for arrests, prosecutions, and trials would be fast-tracked as China is now under a “critical stage”.

Here are the seven medical-related crimes:

  1. Beatings, intentional injuries, and intentional killing of medical personnel.
  2. Illegally restricting medical personnel’s personal freedom using violence, threats, or blatantly insulting, intimidating, or slandering medical personnel.
  3. Tearing protective gear off of and spitting on medical personnel, which may cause medical personnel to be infected with the new coronavirus.
  4. Refusing to accept checks, quarantine, and treatment measures of medical and health institutions using violence, threats, or other methods, or obstructing medical and health institutions’ lawful disposal of corpses of infectious disease patients according to law.
  5. Forcibly or intentionally destroying or occupying properties of medical and health institutions, or causing disturbances in the medical and health institutions, illegally placing dead bodies, setting up the mourning hall without permission, causing disorder and disrupting the normal conduct of epidemic prevention and control.
  6. Illegally carrying guns, ammunition, tightly regulated instruments or explosive, radioactive, poisonous and corrosive materials while entering medical and health institutions.
  7. Other situations that violate the safety of medical personnel and disrupt medical order.

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