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What Is Pustiso In English? (Answers)

PUSTISO IN ENGLISH – In this article we will learn about the English translation of the word “Pustiso“.

Pustiso In English: Tagalog-English Translation Of "Pustiso"
Image from: Saipandadental

In English, “Pustiso” could be directly translated as “dentures” or “false teeth“. These are artificial teeth that are used to aid people in digesting food.

The word “pustiso” is actually derived from the Spanish word “postizo”. Here are some example sentences using “pustiso“:

  1. May bagong pustiso na kinuha si Lola kahapon.
  2. Ang mga ngipin natin ay dapat ingatan upang hindi na nating kailangan gumamit ng pustiso.
  3. Mag pustiso ka na lang para maka kain ka ng maayos.
  4. Hindi mo dapat ikinahihiya ang pustiso mo.
  5. Dahil sa aksident niya, kailangan niyang gumamit ng pustiso.

The sentences above could be translated as:

  1. My grandmother got new dentures yesterday.
  2. We should take care of our teeth so that we don’t have to use dentures.
  3. Just use false teeth so you won’t have any problems when you eat.
  4. You don’t have to be ashamed of your artificial teeth.
  5. Because of the accident, he needs to use dentures.

According to an article from TagalogLang, the now-standard way to spell “pustiso” in Tagalog would be “postiso“.

In summary, pustiso or postiso could simply be translated as “dentures“, “artificial teeth“, or “false teeth“.

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