Netizen’s Post Relating Taal Volcano Eruption w/ Tala Dance Craze Goes Viral

Viral Post of Netizen About Taal Volcano Eruption & Tala Dance Craze

TAAL VOLCANO – A netizen’s social media post went viral as it related the the recent volcanic eruption with the “Tala” dance craze.

One of the music videos that recently went viral on social media is Sarah Geronimo’s “Tala”. It took the social media by storm and a lot of people posted their own dance version.

It was four (4) years ago when “Tala” was released and it was only recently went it really hooked the people’s attention. Many people drew inspiration from it about perfect timing.

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After the “Tala” dance craze, what catches the social media platforms now are updates about the Taal Volcano after its recent eruption. Many are monitoring the natural occurrences and praying for safety for everyone.

A lot of establishments have cancelled work and schools have also suspended classes for the safety of everyone. Pet owners are also advised to keep their pets indoors as the ashes may pose health risks.

Amid the natural occurrences in line with the Taal Volcano eruption, a netizen posted on social media relating it to the “Tala” dance craze. The said post went viral on social media.

Based on the post of a certain “Juan Paulo Luistro Mañosca”, the viral post was made by a netizen using the Facebook username “Jehn Merk Festenes Lopez”. The netizen said something about Sarah G’s dance moves and as well as the tune of the song.

The netizen called out to the public to stop dancing to the tune of “Tala” to stop the eruption. Here is the viral Facebook post:

Taal Volcano, Tala Dance

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