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Man Pulls Out Live Tapeworm Out Of His Bum After Taking A Dump

MAN PULLS OUT TAPEWORM – A man from Thailand was left horrified after he pulled out a live, jiggling tapeworm from out of his arse.

Man Pulls Out Tapeworm Estimated To Be 32 Feet Long From His Bum
Image from: Unilad

According to reports, the freelance photographer, Kritsada Ratprachoom, just finished dropping off his son at school. However, he needed to hit the toilet.

The 44-year-old man from Udon Thani in north-eastern Thailand did his duty and was ready to finish off with a wipe. But, something was just a bit off as he could still feel something hanging out.

To his surprise, it wasn’t just a piece of rough tissue paper that was left or a sticky poo. The man found out that it was actually a massive, live tapeworm hanging out from his rectum.

The man recalled the horrific event in a statement with Kaosod:

I had just finished dropping my child off at school and ran some errands when I had to go [for a] number two. Afterwards, I felt like I wasn’t finished defecating, like something was left. So I got up to see what it was. Turns out there was something sticking out of my bottom.

According to an article from Unilad, the man underwent appendix surgery the week before. Initially, he thought the tapeworm was just a piece of string that was left from the surgery.

Man Pulls Out Tapeworm Estimated To Be 32 Feet Long From His Bum
Image from: Unilad

But, as he started to pull on the thread, he found out that is was stick and stretchy. There, he realized that it was an actual tapeworm.

Tapeworms are flat, ribbon-like worms that can thrive in your gut if you swallow their eggs or small, freshly-hatched worms. With this, Ratprachoom estimated that the tapeworm could be stretched to about 32 feet.

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