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Psychological tricks to save money.

PSYCHOLOGICAL TRICKS – Here are some psychological tricks you might need to know in order to save more money and not go impulsive spending.

To have a saving will save you when an emergency comes. However, many people seemingly have found it hard to save money from their salary. Thus, we listed down below some trick you might need to know in order to have a savings.

Psychological Tricks

Here are the tricks:

  • 30 Days Rule
    – Wait for 30 days before buying something to avoid emotional buying or impulse buying.
  • Eat
    – Make sure to eat before buying something most especially if doing groceries so as to avoid buying unnecessary things.
  • Name Your “Ipon”
    – Put a name to whatever you are saving to in order to be driven to save more money because you get emotionally attached to it.
  • Save before spend
    – See to it that you have set an amount of money that you will not touch before spending. Save at least 10% until you make it a habit.
  • Avoid advertisements
    – Avoid yourself from things you see from ads and the trending to save most especially if it’s not important and just a trend.
  • List
    – Through this, you can prevent buying something that you don’t need for by making a list you get to prioritize what is important and you must stick to it. Not only you save money, buy you also saved up time and effort.
  • Always pay through cash
    – Paying cash will make you feel like you lost something and surely, you never want that kind of feeling.
  • Track your money
    – Make sure to always know where you spend your money and through this, you will be conscious in giving it away to unnecessary expenses.
  • Give an amount for your wants
    – Spend a small amount for the things you want and treat it as a reward. Just a small amount to satisfy your saving and yourself for your hard work.
  • Saving versus Spending
    – See to it that you make your money in your savings bigger compared to the amount you are spending based on Janitorial Writer’s video.


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