Photo of Traffic Cops Committing Multiple Violations Goes Viral

TRAFFIC VIOLATION – Several traffic cops who committed multiple violations while riding a motorcycle earns comments online.

Nowadays, the Philippine government is already implementing stricter traffic rules and regulations to prevent road or vehicular accidents. Road accidents usually lead to injuries and even death.

The police authorities also instructed the motorists to wear proper attire and observe safety when traveling along the road. Motorcycle riders are advised to weather crash helmet, pants, and shoes to minimize the crash impact.

Traffic Cops

The traffic personnel is already implementing precautionary measures to reduce the increasing death toll due to accidents. However, there are still some motorists and even traffic personnel who were violating the traffic law.

Recently, the Facebook page “Enjoy Life” has shared a photo of three (3) traffic cops who committed multiple traffic violations who were supposed to set as a good example towards others.

In the photo, it can be seen that the traffic personnel have no helmet, no plate number, and no side mirror. The three enforcers also commit another violation due to overloading.

Traffic Cops

Here is the full post:

No helmet, No plate number, No side mirror and over loading. Ang saya manghuli yung tipong kayo mismo lumalabag sa batas!


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