Final Verdict Between Diet VS Exercise

DIET VS EXERCISE – Here’s the verdict from a dietitian to which is better for losing weight fast between diet vs exercise debate.

Nowadays, people are more conscious about how they look so they spend more time at the gym or hire a dietitian. However, some people couldn’t afford that kind of lifestyle because of their busy schedule and financial budget.

Others just decided to pick from either diet or exercise to focus on. Little did they know that focusing on one is already ‘okay’ to lose weight.

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Based on a report from Reader’s Digest, the people who change their diet lose more weight than the people who burn their fat at the gym. In fact, those people who initiate more physical activity gain more weight than those who work out less.

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A registered dietitian nutritionist named Marjorie Nolan Cohn, MS, RDN, said it’s easier to avoid fatty food that spending time at the gym. She expressed that avoiding a cookie is easier than spending several hours at the gym just to burn the fries and burgers you ate a few days ago.

You can’t exercise off a weekend of terrible eating,” she said.

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According to the report, the dietitian said there is a great chance that you will eat more after exercising. Some people decide to award themselves of a delicious meal after achieving their work out routine.

“There’s this idea that you’ve earned it to eat something because you worked out… it winds up holding people back,” said Nolan Cohn.

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Based on the report, the best way to achieve a healthy and fit body is having both diet and exercise. Nothing beats the collaboration of these two since it proved to lots of famous athletes. People who focus on diet and exercise are more likely to lose lots of weight after one year.

“It improves the feeling of positivity or accomplishment… when you combine those forces [of diet and exercise], it reinforces losing the weight and keeping it off,” said Nolan Cohn.

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