VIDEO: Motorcycle Rider Got Hit By Cab Door, Slams The Wrong Person

VIDEO: Motorcycle Rider Got Hit By Cab Door, Slams The Wrong Person

MOTORCYCLE RIDER – A CCTV footage showing a motorcycle rider stumbled by a cab door and slammed the wrong person went viral on social media.

FB: /RidertechPH

A Facebook page named Ridertech PH posted a video with the caption: “Ung gumanti kaso mali pala, Sakit non ha solid”

In the video, the nearby lane was a bit heavy. The passenger on the yellow cab slightly opened the door. Unbeknownst to the passenger, a motorcycle approaches.

As the passenger opened the door, it clashed with the motorcycle, hence, made the rider and his passenger stumble. Enraged, the rider wanted revenge and threw his helmet on a passerby wearing a green jacket, who just happened to be nearby.

The passerby’s friend then told the rider that he threw the helmet on the wrong person and pointed at the passenger who opened the cab door.

Here is the full video on Facebook:

As of the moment, the post gained at about 10K reactions, mostly hahas, likes, and angry; 11K shares, and 648K views. Here are some of the following comments:

“Kya lagi nssktan ung umaawat eh.. Kya kpag may nagaaway ngun,, vinivideo nlng eh,, pra atlis nagviral na video,, may exposure pa ung uploader.. Haha”

RC Ang on Facebook

“Mahirap talagang mapagkamalan ka lang masakit…sa damdamin…lalo ung tinamaan ka ng solid na helmet”

Emong Vista on Facebook

“Mahirap din minsan ung tumutulong, ikaw pa napapasama sa huli”

Jess Centeno on Facebook

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