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This is how you play Mobile Legends.

MOBILE LEGENDS – Here’s a guide for all the players out there, beginners or not, as to how you can be a good

Here’s what you should know first:

  • The Hero Types
    • Tank – They have a higher than normal defenses and Hit Points (HP) which is why they are a bit hard to be killed.
    • Fighter – The all-around type of hero. They can hurry run after another hero for a kill and seriously make damages.
    • Assassin – A bit lethal than a fighter and not all players find them to easily use all of the time.
    • Mage – They are a ranged heavy hitter, can steal kills, and can severely cause damages.
    • Marksman – Similar to a mage, marksman are also ranged hitters through physical damages and not magical. Their hit is not as hard as the mage but really fast in attacking.
    • Support – This kind of hero is made to help the team.

Other tips you should know:

  • Emblems – This serves as booster of your chosen hero.
  • Battle Spells – This is unlocked through leveling and once you have obtained one, you can use it in a battle.
  • Map awareness – Through this, you will be able to see your enemies, where they are, and what they are doing in order for you to determine the right time to oattck based on your hero’s capacity.
  • Learn Hero – This is most advised to beginners to know the heroes first so you know what to do if you get caught up in the middle of your enemies and get yourself survived.
  • Turtle and Blue Knight (The Lord) – They are the real bosses of the game. Turtle gives extra gold for your team while the Blue Knight is a strong boss that will push a lane after defeating him. You can push with him and get towers down until reaching the nexus.
  • Destroying Towers – To defeat the enemy is to take their nexus down but you still have to go through towers and destroy it.
  • Communication – Communicate with your team mates and praise them if they did something good for the group.


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