VIDEO: Mary Pacquiao Challenges Fam To Speak ‘Bisaya’ During Korea Trip

Mary Pacquiao Challenges her Family To Speak ‘Bisaya’ South Korea Trip

MARY PACQUIAO – The daughter of Manny Pacquiao, Mary Pacquiao, challenged her family to speak ‘Bisaya’ during their South Korea trip.

Filipino legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao is one of the richest and famous personalities in the Philippines. Aside from bringing pride to the country, he also serves as a senator.

His daughter Mary Pacquiao gave a glimpse of their home. She gave a video tour of their family home on her Youtube Channel. Mary also held a brief question-and-answer session with her siblings, Queenie, Michael, and Jimuel.

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Recently, Manny Pacquiao and his family visit South Korea. Jinkee Pacquiao shared several photos of their trip on her Instagram account. In a previous article, the married couple received bashing due to their trip in Seoul amid the series of quakes in Mindanao.

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Manny Pacquiao’s eldest daughter Mary Pacquiao shared the video of their trip to South Korea on her Youtube Channel. The video that was posted on November 5 has garnered 810,585 views as of this writing.

On her latest video, she dared her whole family to speak Cebuano or “Bisaya.” Mary showed a montage of their accommodation, Korea’s beautiful garden, and food.

Photo Source: Youtube

On their last day, Marry Pacquiao challenged her mom Jinkee Pacquiao speak Bisaya for 24 hours. Her mother accepted the challenge and announced to the viewers that they will be visiting Meyong Dong on the last day of their trip.

Her aunt Janet Jamora, dad Manny Pacquiao and sister Queenie also take on the challenge.

Watch the entertaining video below:

Mary Pacquiao’s South Korea’s travel vlog flooded with positive reactions from the netizens. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@Cathy Lesperance: “This kiddo is lucky to be Manny’s daughter… even though they are very rich they are very humble.. much respect!!!”

@Karysse Arielle: “I love how your mom speaks Bisaya Can’t say no challenge with your mom please!!”

@Shanella Asira: “Despite the wealth and fame, Jinky and Manny raised their children in a humble way. Kudos to this family for sharing us, their Korea trip.”

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