VIDEO: Pacquiao’s Son Jimuel Pacquiao Shows Off His First Luxury Car

Manny Pacquiao Buys Son Jimuel Pacquiao His First Luxury Car

PACQUIAO – Filipino professional boxer and politician Manny Pacquiao bought his son Jimuel Pacquiao’s first luxury car.

Philippine Senator and legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao is considered one of the wealthiest man in the Philippines. He earned those vast fortunes because of boxing.

Despite his fame and fortune, he never forgot to visit and give away money to his town mates in Sarangani Province. He has been giving away cash to them every time he wins a fight.

Photo Source: @mannypacquiao IG

Aside from being generous to other people, Manny Pacquiao joined politics to help more people by providing the needs of the aspiring athletes in the country. He’s surely one of the most admirable personalities in the Philippines.

No doubt his eldest son Jimuel Pacquiao wants to follow his footsteps. The undefeated amateur boxer eventually receives support from his father. In fact, they were spotted training together in July.

Photo Source: Youtube

Recently, Manny Pacquiao gifted Jimuel Pacquiao his first ride. Knowing Pacquiao’s wealth, he gave his son a luxurious red sports car. The video was shared by Manny’s assistant David Sisson on Youtube.

Jimuel willingly showed the interior of his gorgeous red Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Based on a report from TopGear, the car is priced more than P8.5 million. On the video, Jimuel gave a sample of his driving abilities.

Watch the video below:

Netizens can’t help but react to Jimuel Pacquiao’s first luxurious car. Here are some of their comments on the video:

@Nostra Mendoza: “For a billionaire son. I can see he is so humble like his father”

@Lebron Fangay: “Pacquiao is a humble man that’s why his son is also humble like father like son of whatever blessings they achieve his sons will always keep their feet on the ground”

@mrjavier 1217: “Just stay humble kid it doesn’t matter you were born rich not like your dad, but be humble like your dad”

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