Francine Diaz Gets Luxurious Gift From Claudine Barretto

Francine Diaz Receives Glamorous Gift From Claudine Barretto

FRANCINE DIAZ – The Kadenang Ginto star was given a luxurious gift by Claudine Barretto when they finally got to meet in person.

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After all the drama and controversy, Claudine Barretto is now back to the positive side of things. She had a visit from Francine Diaz and Bianca Lapus and welcomed them with open arms.

Bianca Lapus shared their meeting on her Instagram.

We visited @claubarretto late last night after @francinesdiaz attended the ABSCBN trade launch even though it was late already when i told her and her sisters and mom that Clau really wanted to meet chin.

Bianca Lapus

Bianca added that Francine immediately said yes to the meet up because Claudine was actually her favorite. Francine added that she loved Claudine’s character in her movie, “Anak”.

Francine Diaz Gets Luxurious Gift From Claudine Barretto
Image from: MSN

As they got into the home of Claudine, they said that they were shocked by her generosity. “To our surprise, nag handa talaga si clau ng food“, said Bianca.

Aside from this, Claudine was about to give them their biggest surprise of all. Seemingly out of nowhere, Claudine asked Francine her shoe size and told her to wait.

Francine Diaz Gets Luxurious Gift From Claudine Barretto
Screenshot from: Bianca Lapus | Instagram

When Claudine got back, she had with her a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. These were the same pair she wore during her recent photoshoot with Metro Magazine.

It may be a small thing to others but the kind gesture Claudine did for a well deserved rising star like Francine and for her to take time out to visit just to make clau smile is such a precious moment. Sana makapag work sila soon . 🙏❤🙏

Bianca Lapus

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