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Lolit Solis has another “hirit” regarding the Barretto issue.

BARRETTO ISSUE – Veteran showbiz reporter Lolit Solis shares tips on how she spot a liar following all the claims and accusations from the Barretto issue.

The issues of the Barretto family became more intense and all piled up when their family’s patriarch Mike Barretto died last October 15. It was supposed to be a solemn situation for the family during the wake but not until sisters Marjorie and Gretchen have a scuffle in front of the coffin after President Duterte attempted to make them shake each other’s hands. According to the grapevine, Greta was willing to do so but Marj refused.

And branching out issues from another issues, Marjorie Barretto broke her silence indicating and pleading for people to suspend their judgment as they are going to tell the truth and release a statement about their issues after their father’s burial. And many people are still waiting for this up to this writing.

Many names were brought up and dragged including Atong Ang. And with all these claims and accusation from both side, people were torn as to who to believe. With this, the veteran journalist Lolit Solis shared some tips about spotting a liar which she learned from ’70s police reporter Ruther Batuigas.

“Now kung gagamitin mo ito sa Barretto sisters, sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo, sino ang sinungaling, sino ang mas meron hidden agenda?” she furthered in her post after stating those tips on how to spot a liar if used to the Barrettos who claims and accusation were all unmatched.

And here are some of the comments from the post:

@birangzkie: C nicole sya un nagsasabi ng totoo in my opinion lang.

@being_queen81: That’s their personal life…. they can do whatever they want… they don’t owe us an explanation.

@reghschuen: mas credible sa kanilang magkakapatid si Ms. Gretchen, tatak na niya yung pag alam niya kung ano ang totoo wala syang inuurungan


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