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Dream Interpretation: Here’s what it means if a cat appears in your dreams.

DREAM INTERPRETATION – This could be the symbolism and meaning behind as to why one person frequently and usually dreams about cat.

Having dreams is absolutely fascinating as it can capture all the subconscious thoughts in our mind remembering the scenarios and trying hard to analyze it as if it tells something about us or something that might happen to us.

Dream Interpretation

And to some people, what usually appears in their dreams. With this, here are some dream scenarios about a cat and its meaning:

  • A cat symbolizes intuition, femininity, softness, an independent spirit, creativity, power, misfortune, vulnerability, bad luck, deceit and falseness, and among others.
  • The sick cat tells you to listen to your intuition more and rely less on intellect.
  • A cat scratching you means that you feel threatened.
  • If you are searching for a cat but cannot find it signifies independent spirit and the feeling that someone or something is holding you back from being free.
  • Meanwhile, saving a cat means independence and power.
  • Kitten in dreams is associated with feeling vulnerable, scared, or need help as kittens are seen as helpless creatures.
  • Women dreaming cats suggests of how she views herself including her intuition, independence, creativity, and her relationships with men.
  • Men dreaming of cats tells what is his attitude towards women, or how he thinks women perceive him. If the cat is purring, it suggests that man thinks women find him attractive and he is comfortable with it and if it is hissing, this could mean that he feels rejected by women as per Canidae.


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