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What Are The Following Hand Grips In Badminton?

HAND GRIPS – In this topic, we will now know the following hand grips used in a racket and shuttlecock sport called badminton.

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Badminton is a racket sport that is played with the use of a racket (what the players hold) to hit a shuttlecock across the net of the opposing player. This game can be played by either “singles” (1V1) or “doubles” (2V2).

A grip, in this case, is the way we hold the racket to hit the shuttlecock across the net to score. The racket’s handle has 8 sides called levels, forming an octagonal shape. levels are numbered from 1 to 8 and are numbered anti-clockwise.

There are two ways to grip the racket:

  • Forehand Grip
    • Also known as Orthodox Forehand Grip. To do so, imagine holding hands, now do the same thing with the racket. Right handed players should have their right bottom part of their thumb touching the third level while the left side of the index (pointing) finger is touching the 7th level, hence, looking like a hook.
  • Backhand Grip
    • Also known as Thumb Grip. This is similar to the forehand but the 3rd level is covered by the entire bottom of the thumb.

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