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What Are The Rules Followed In Creating Musical Compositions?

Musical Compositions – In this article, we will learn about the important rules to be followed when creating musical compositions.

Musical Compositions - Rules Followed In Musical Compositions
Image from: Making Music Magazine

When it comes to music, there really are no rules because music is an art. However, there are still some guidelines that you could follow in order to create better musical compositions.

Such a guideline is called “music theory”. The basic fundamentals of music theory like keys, rhythm, notation, harmony, and others would greatly simplify the process of learning how to make something sound good.

Develop a good ear by training – understanding pitches and chords will help you understand what’s when a song you listen to has a highlight that sounds amazing.

Musical Compositions - Rules Followed In Musical Compositions
Image from: Frontiers Blog

If you understand the fundamentals of what you’re hearing, emulating it yourself becomes easier.

Once you understand how the fundamentals of music work, you could not improvise on your instrument of choice. The piano is the best choice for composers because of its intuitiveness.

It is also important to improvise and break free from your comfort zone. According to an article by Quora, this is an essential key to discovery.

The worst that can happen is you’ll play something you don’t like, but the best that can happen is you’ll encounter a chord change that you like which improves your style permanently.

The best way to truly hone your musical compositions skills is to continue practicing writing a variety of musical pieces. As you find your unique style, you’re going to get more comfortable with the tools at your disposal.

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