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10 Interesting Facts About McDonald’s McNuggets

McNuggets – One of the worlds most popular food. When you think about McDonald’s their nuggets are probably one of the first things that comes to mind.

McNuggets - 10 Facts About The McNugget Your Don't Know About
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These bite sized bundles of joy are both tasty and affordable. But, there might be some things that you probably don’t know about your favorite nugget.

Why was the McNugget Invented? – The chicken nugget was actually invented because American’s were scared of red meat.

In the 50’s and 60’s there was an epidemic of heart attacks in America. Doctors then found out that the culprit were saturated fats and red meats.

In an attempt to bring up sales and stay away from beef based products, the McNugget was born.

Who made the McNuggets? – It was actually a chef who worked for the Queen. To help with the new menu change, McDonalds hired Rene Arend.

Arened was a Luxembourg-born chef who cooked for Queen Elizabeth II.

Were they the first Nugget? – No, they were not. According to an article by Reader’s digest, McDonald’s almost gave up on the chicken idea entirely.

They were actually thinking about another type of nugget, the onion nugget. These products were released back in the 70’s and became the inspiration for the McNugget.

Do they use pink slime? – Years back, there was a viral video of “pink slime” that supposedly came from the McDonald’s. However the pink slime was actually lean, a finely textured beef used by a lot of suppliers.

Lean is then treated with ammonia hydroxide but is safe to consume. Although, McDonald’s has stopped using ammonia in its products including the McNugget.

The iconic shapes have names – The chicken nugget always came in four different shapes. And each on of those actually have names.

The round one is called “ball”, the rounded rectangle is called “bone”, the “boot” has edges jointing out, and the diamond shaped nuggets are called “bell”.

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