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Facebook Posts in Austalia Got No “Likes” Portion

FACEBOOK – The social media giant tried hiding “Likes” in posts in Australia as part of promoting good mental health.

Nowadays, a huge part of the populace worldwide has an account on Facebook or also called as FB. In fact, even those who are in their old age and those kids as young as seven(7) years old have FB accounts.

This social media platform was designed to benefit a lot of people. It has undeniably made communication easier. A person from one country can talk to someone in another country through a private message called “chat” or even a video call.

Also, FB became a great source of entertainment. It is a venue of the most inspiring, the funniest, and the most informative videos and posts. This social media platform also has a lot of apps and games that can entertain people.

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However, amid the pursuit of the people behind this social media platform co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg, some are not using it properly. Several cyberbullying cases crossed the surface. The bashing on social media is intense.

The team behind Facebook continues to give their best in making it a really beneficial platform for everyone. In the pursuit to promote good mental health, it recently tried hiding the “Likes” in posts in Australia.

Based on a report on GMA News, hiding “Likes” was a trial done to reduce the ‘social pressure’ in using the platform. In a statement, FB’s Mia Garlick stressed their desire for everyone not to treat the platforms as a competition.

Reportedly, some netizens across the country will also be prohibited from seeing the views and reactions of people on an FB user’s post. The reaction of the netizens will be assessed.

“This is a test to see how people engage with this new format. We hope to learn from this over time in order to see if we will roll this out more broadly,” she said based on the report.

Aside from Facebook, Instagram has previously tried taking the “Likes” on the posts in the video and photo-sharing platform. The test was centered in Canada and then in Australia, Brazil, and other countries.

While this has been testing on Instagram, Facebook and [Instagram] are different surfaces and we will likely see different data,” Garlick said.

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