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The Importance Of Core Filipino Values And Concepts

FILIPINO VALUES – Even with almost 400 years of Spanish Colonization, the core Filipino values derived from its indigenous roots never died down, values that emphasize social acceptance.

We can see this through the large number of languages that span across the archipelago that is the Philippines. The keyword here is archipelago.

Core Filipino Values And Cultural Concepts And Their Importance
Image by: Ancient Pages

With the country being small but widespread, our geography played a vital role in the preservation of our cultures. Colonizers would find it difficult to have a centralized network of government with islands separated by waves or treacherous mountains.

Therefore colonizers could not fully impose their cultures on the indigenous. This would be in a manner that would prove beneficial and justifiable to the cost of resources needed in their endeavors.

Now the Filipino core values are still prevalent regardless of the changes brought by colonizers throughout the years. According to Management And Culture In The Philippines, these Values include :

  • Amor Propio – A Spanish word meaning, self-love. It is a sense of self-esteem or self-respect that prevents a person from the loss of social acceptance
  • Utang na Loob – Basically means giving back what you owe to a person
  • Bayanihan , Pakikisama, Pagtutulungan – Are all synonymous with each other. Community, Cooperation, and Togetherness are debatably the driving factors of the Filipino culture.
  • Tayo vs Kami / Barkada – “Us with you” and “Us without you” is the result of being loyal to one group and the dismissal of non-members
  • Swerte / Bahala na – This is the Filipino’s sense of fatalism. Filipinos often times attribute success or advancements in life as swerte. This leads to “Bahala na”, a value that underlies the escapist tendencies of a Filipino

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