Floyd Mayweather Might Return To Boxing For A Billion Dollars -Ward

Andre Ward Says Floyd Mayweather Might Return To Boxing He’s Offered US$1 Billion

FLOYD MAYWEATHER – Former boxer Andre Ward said Floyd Mayweather could be tempted to return to boxing if he’s offered a billion dollars.

American professional boxer Floyd Mayweather has won multiple world titles and has an undefeated record. He surpassed boxers like Mike Tyson, Oscar De La Hoya, and Manny Pacquiao.

Lots of people were eager to see him back in the boxing ring. Manny and Floyd’s fans kept on convincing him to return. However, the chief executive of Mayweather Promotions said Floyd has “zero interest” in a rematch with the Filipino boxer.

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In a previous article, Floyd Mayweather shows off his 2 million dollar cash on the table to celebrate the fourth of July. He brags about his money, jewelry, and luxurious bag on the video.

On the latest YouTube podcast of Joe Rogan, he interviewed the pound-for-pound boxer Andre Ward, who retired in 2017 after winning multiple world titles, light heavyweight and super middleweight. The former boxer said Mayweather might return to boxing for a billion dollars.

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Andre Ward said if Floyd Mayweather was offered 750 million or 1 billion dollars, he could be tempted to get out of retirement again. The American boxer came out of his retirement in 2017 to fight the UFC star Conor McGregor and his exhibition bout against Tenshin Nasukawa.

“He’s 50-0, 50 fights and 50 training camps. That’s enough… he’s retired on what, three different occasions? Came back, benefited from it. I think he’s good. Selfishly I would love to see it but realistically I think he’s good.”

“Because he’s had a massive amount of money, umpteen times. I think he would do it for a ‘B’. If there was a ‘B’ behind it or like a strong 750 million with upside. Like, Floyd ain’t turning down a ‘B’,” he added.

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The UFC commentator, Joe Rogan told the former Olympic gold medalist that a Manny Pacquiao rematch would surely generate that amount of money. Watch the video below:

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