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What are the important things that we need to know about the Multiple Personality Disorder ?

MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER – Here are some of the key notes that we should be aware of about people with Multiple Personality Disorder.

Dissociative Identity Disorder or also known as the Multiple Personality Disorder in which a person suffers two or more distinct identities alternately taking control of him or her. This is thought as a complex psychological condition caused by many factors which includes severe trauma during early growing years of the person. People suffering DID lack connection in his or her thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity. 

Multiple Personality Disorder

And to further understand this condition, here are some facts below:

  1. This can last for years and in some cases, lifelong.
  2. There is no specific medication for this condition to be treated.
  3. More females suffer DID compared to men because more females experience abuse compared to their counterpart.
  4. Each identity has its own story and might recognize the other. But most of the time, these alternating personalities in an individual are not aware of the others.
  5. According to Bustle, it’s not as dramatic as what we see in movies. Dr. Mayer says, “What was often identified was slight changes in behaviors of the individual such as sitting differently, talking differently or even clearing one’s throat and voila! They were a different personality.”
  6. There could be more than 100 personalities in an individual.
  7. There is 70% of people with DID have attempted suicide.
  8. DID may be developed in a person as a coping mechanism in order to escape a stressful or traumatic situation and just merely break connection with the outside world.


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