INTERESTING FACTS – Questions You’re Too Lazy To Google

Here are some interesting facts you might want to know!

INTERESTING FACTS – Here are some of the most interesting facts that you might want to know but too lazy to search on Google to find out the answer.

People, often times get curious about a lot of things from the simple to the complex. However, some were just too lazy to Google it and find for an answer. Now, we have listed down some things some people were curious about but always tends to forget to search it over the internet.

Interesting Facts

Check out some facts below:

  • We experience brain freeze when eating or drinking cold because when too much cold touches the upper part of the mouth, the nerve center overreacts.
  • The sun rays, despite the same melanin component of the color of hair and the skin, has different effects. It lightens the hair because if is made up of dead cells that it cannot do anything to replenish while the skin is of alive cells, thus, the reaction.
  • Eyeballs don’t freeze because it has no temperature receptor and is place inside the skull.
  • Motion sickness is due to the different body movements giving mix signals to the brain causing confusion.
  • We take blood tests from the ring finger because it is the least sensitive and we don’t usually use this member of our fingers.
  • What are the eye-patches of pirates for? It is for them to easily see in the dark and not because of a missing eye from a battle. The eye covered with the patch helps them see through the darkness especially when going down the deck which is usually dim.
  • Pupils of goats are rectangular in shape and that is because for survival. The strange shape helps them see over 280 degrees around them.


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