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Check out these women facts below!

WOMEN FACTS – Here are some facts about women regarding to the things and factors they will surely get to notice first in men.

Once you meet someone for the first time, there are these factors that each of us notices first. And we listed down the things women notice first in men that leaves them an impression about you.

Women Facts

Read below:

  • A gent’s scent make an impression to woman as it tells a bit about his hygiene. A nice smell makes a good impression but a smell that’s strong and stinky turn off women. Aside from your body odor, women also tries to observe your breath.
  • Women want a clean hair for a man in terms of the cut and the style. Most importantly, women easily get attracted to cleanliness that is why.
  • Females are surely also going to notice you hands in everything in it such as the hair if its overgrown, the nails if it was neatly cut, and if the skin is dry. Also, they see if you are maintaining your nails clean or just letting it grow longer and leaving dirty.
  • The shoes also gets the woman’s attention because it reflects something about you and how you live your life.
  • Men might be into visual but women look past than the physical appearance. What usually catches a woman’s attention is your personality if you are being grumpy or funny, friendly or aloof, or something. Money or how good looking you are doesn’t matter to them if you have a negative attitude.
  • How you dress also makes a mark to women coming from the style, how you put these items together, and your choice of outfits get easily noticed by women.
  • Your smile matters as it give some feelings to women if you are being dangerous or welcoming. And to attract women, you should have a clean set of teeth with a fresh breath.
  • You facial features also get noticed by them such as your jaw, the details of your eyes, the way how your eyebrow would arch, if you have trimmed your stubble, and if you have a clear skin.


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