Dog Breeds: Here Are The Dogs Which Are Banned In Some Countries

Here are some dog breeds which are banned to some parts of the world.

DOG BREEDS – Here are some of the breed of dogs which are banned and declared as dangerous to some parts of the world and the reason why.

Talking about loyalty, dogs would definitely be on the top spot. However, some are not just really kind to strangers and other animals which makes them banned to some parts of the world. And so, we listed down some dangerous breeds which have become legally prohibited to some countries.

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  • Brazilian Mastiff – These huge dog is great for hunting because of its impressive tracking abilities but they are considered as dangerous because of their unpredictable temperament and aggressive tendencies. But it still depends on where he grows up because if he is raised in a positive way, its aggressiveness will decrease. On the other hand, they could be extremely loyal to their family. They are banned in Israel, Israel, UK, and Norway.
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  • The Czechoslovakian Dog – They are a mix breed of German Shepherd Dogs with Carpathian wolves which are accordingly worked for the Czechoslovakia’s special forces for secret military missions. They are best for tracking and hunting but since they are half wolf, they can really be unpredictable but outgoing and brave. They are banned in Norway.
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  • Tosa Inu – Another large breed of dog from Japan and rare for that matter. This brave dog needs an authoritative owner but can get really protective when it comes to their owners. Their strength and strong jaw make them really dangerous, thus, they are banned in UK, Australia, Norway, Iceland, New Zealand, and many other countries.
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  • American Bulldog – They weigh between 60 to 120 pounds. Owners of this breed are suggested to socialize their dogs to other dogs and cats in order not to make their behavior an issue later on. And they are just as strong as what they look like. They are banned in Denmark and Singapore.
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  • Pit Bull – They are created as fighting dogs due to their strength and aggression which led them to be included on the doggy-blacklist.
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  • Rottweiler – They are great as guard dogs that needs training and socialization. However, this breed are among those which are involved to numerous fatal attacks. Tagged as the deadliest dog, they are banned in Poland, Romania, Portugal, and Ireland.
  • Canary Mastiff – Male of this breed can weight up to 160 pounds while females can reach up to 150 pounds. They are loyal and loving to their owners but not to strangers. However, there was a case a woman faced death after being attacked by her own Canary Mastiff. They are banned in Australia and New Zealand.


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