Do Not Feed Your Dogs These: Human Foods That Are Harmful To Dogs

Here Are Some Human Foods That Shouldn’t Be Given To Dogs

DO NOT – Although dogs are known to have tough stomachs, there are certain foods that are safe for us but harmful for them.

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Domesticated dogs are probably the most popular pet choice in most countries. Dogs, other than being great companions can serve several other purposes such as: guide dogs, guard dogs, for show, etc.

In San Jose, Del Monte, 100 dogs are to be euthanized if they were not adopted until set time.

For dog owners, the safety of their pets should be a top priority. Included under the responsibilities of owning a dog is feeding them and nurturing them as they grow.

Although, most dogs literally eat anything they can get their mouths on, there are also foods they can’t take.

Here are some human foods that are edible but are harmful for dogs;


The delicious fruit may be safe for human consumption, but it contains a toxin called persin that is dangerous for dogs. Not only the fruit but other parts of the Avocado plant also contain the toxin. Thus, it is suggested that you keep you dogs away from the plant.


Commonly found in most coffee and tea products, caffeine boosts humans for energy. But if taken by dogs, it can speed up their heart rate and intensify processes in their nervous system. This can lead to abnormal heart rhythm and lung failure.


Although tiny, grapes and can be very toxic to dogs. In severe cases, consumption can lead to rapid lung failure and can sometimes be fatal. The harmful toxic in the fruit is still unknown but it is so intense that even a small amount could make a dog sick.


These sweet treats contain the stimulants theobromine and caffeine which are difficult compounds for dogs to metabolize. Chocolate consumption may lead to ill feelings for your dogs such as stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration.

These are based on an article from Healthline.

Also take note that in extreme cases, these foods can lead to you pet’s fatality. So do not forget about this list next feeding time.

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