Mayor Isko Moreno’s Will To Make Manila Great Again

The Manila Mayor Stated His Will To Make The Capital Great Again

MAYOR ISKO – Manila’s newly elected mayor Isko Moreno expressed his will to reclaim the capital city’s great status amid efforts to fix the city.

Mayor Isko
Photo taken from BusinessMirror

The mayor, who’s also a former-actor, appeared on several news articles lately and got praised online for clearing the streets in Manila. The netizens also learned new terms from the mayor with his unique vocabulary.

He also showed how effective he is as a mayor, when he had things done properly just a few months after he got into office.

On Friday, mayor Isko made claims that he will eventually make the city great again.

In a speech he delivered for the Rotary Club officers from Bagumbayan-Manila, he called for Manileños to back him with his efforts to fix the city.

Rooting for his people’s trust, he specifically said:

“I want you to believe that someday, somehow, Manila will be great again.”

He also called for help in his statement:

“Kaya mga kababayan, tulungan niyo po kami. Hind po namin kayang mag-isa. [So my fellow countrymen, please help us. We can’t do it alone.]”

He also mentioned that the only people who could care for Manileños is the people of Manila themselves.

“Walang magmamalasakit sa mga taga-Maynila kundi tayo ding batang Maynila. [No one else would care for the people of Manila but the children of Manila themselves.]”

He successfuly cleared the city streets by getting rid of illegal vendors just a few weeks after he got elected. He also dismantled stalls put up at Lagunislad underpass.

This is according to an article from ABS CBN News.

After his successful efforts, he still had several plans for the city’s development. Including several plans to cut down illegal activities in the capital’s city hall.

Drastic changes can already be seen with the mayor’s output.

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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