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Here is the reason why you should not drink coffee on an empty stomach (Coffee Facts)

COFFEE FACTS – If you are a coffee lover, you should know this reason why should not drink coffee on an empty stomach.

Coffee is one of the popular beverages in the morning. For some people, it is already a part of their morning routine to drink hot coffee after they get out of bed.

However, according to the article from Reader’s Digest, it is not advisable to drink coffee before your food intake.

coffee facts
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Once a person wakes up, the body automatically starts releasing cortisol, a hormone that is responsible for regulating the immune response, metabolism, and stress response.

“Drinking coffee on an empty stomach, or early in the morning before you’ve had breakfast, can increase the level of cortisol in your body,” Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD said.

She added that supplying your body with caffeine at the same time that your cortisol is at its peak, you will just be adding stress to your body.

A study showed that 25 percent of students who drank coffee on an empty stomach had a higher risk of mood changes and possible long-term impacts on their health.

The reason for this is that coffee produces a more acidic environment as it stimulates acid in your stomach.

According to Djordjevic, a person is highly likely to experience heartburn and even develop gastric ulcers since coffee irritates the acid in the belly.

Dr. Jamie Long, a licensed clinical psychologist, also said that “coffee on an empty stomach can magnify the stimulating effects because there is nothing to compete with absorption.”

Eating breakfast before drinking coffee can prepare your body for the stomach acid.

“Especially when consumed in large amounts, studies have found that caffeine mimics symptoms of anxiety and even panic attacks. Symptoms can include restlessness, trembling, flushed face, and accelerated heart rate,” Long added.

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