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Here are the 10 etiquette rules you must do

Etiquette is defined as the polite behavior one person must do in a certain society or environment and here is a list of the etiquette rules you should remember.

etiquette rules
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#1 Set an example to others
If you want other people to behave, you should set an example on how to behave with other people.

#2 Refrain from talking about these 5 subjects
Avoid topics such as religion, politics, health, age, and money in a conversation. These topics must be talked in private.

#3 Avoid staring at other people
It can be a rude action towards others when you are staring at them, especially if you don’t really know them at all.

#4 Hear the other side of the story
It is not a decent act when you talk bad about a person without hearing his or her side of the story.

#5 Don’t be late
There are times that you can’t avoid to be late but habitually doing this is not good anymore. If you are the one who is waiting, know when is the right time to leave.

#6 Greet other people
When you are walking with someone and he/she greeted someone “hello”, you must say “hello” also. You must greet also all the people in the room when you enter.

#7 Know when to stop using your phone
Going out with friends or with loved ones, avoid using your phone or gadget. Focus on interacting with them.

#8 Be ready to pay your own expenses
Don’t rely on other people in paying your bills. Never assume that other people will pay for you, especially when you are the one who invited them to eat at a restaurant.

#9 Do your best to remember names
There are really people who are not good at remembering the names of people they randomly meet. However, it is a good thing to remember the names because it will make other people feel that they matter.

#10 Contact the person first before you visit
It can be a bad idea when you suddenly appear in front of other people’s house without them being prepared for your visit.

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