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#AgeChallenge Done Through the FaceApp Age Filter Not Safe For Social Media Users

FACEAPP AGE FILTER- Doing the #AgeChallenge is actually not a safe and wise move for anyone as it may post security concerns.

Nowadays, several things are trending on social media. One of the current trend is the so-called #AgeChallenge. It is done with the help of an application, the FaceApp.

Through the application, a person is provided with the older version of his or her physical appearance. There are wrinkles and white hairs. It is done by a filter on the actual photo.

Undeniably, many people enjoy the #AgeChallenge and the FaceApp age filter has become viral on the different social media platforms. Even celebrities in showbiz and the music arena joined the fun.

FaceApp Age Filter
Photo Courtesy of Montreal Times

However, do you know that this FaceApp age filter feature may not be safe for anyone? It can spark some security concerns on the people using it.

Based on an article on Market Watch, the said application is made by a Wireless Lab, it is a small company that can be located in Russia. Experts on cyber-security explained why it is not safe for anyone.

According to experts, the hole in the said app can actually be found in its terms and conditions. Often times, because of our eagerness to use or do something, we take for granted the importance of reading the terms and conditions set.

Experts cited that the terms and conditions of the app says that the photos of the people using it can be utilized in unexpected ways. Also, Safr.Me security awareness expert Robert Siciliano expressed that the app gets data from the users.

Based on the article, Siciliano further stressed that the privacy policy of FaceApp also allows its affiliates and service providers to “transfer information” they collect from users.

The photos of the users may be used not only in Russia but as well as in other countries. Also, it can be utilized for facial recognition technology.

According to Siciliano, an app that gathers data which can be used in the development of facial recognition may not be safe for the user “especially when it’s being used by government agencies, foreign companies, or foreign intelligence”.

Unfortunately, for people who have already used FaceApp age filter and wanted to sue the Russian-based company, it may be huge challenge. Agreeing to the terms set also showed an approval on the “mandatory arbitration clause”.

If the person agreed with the mandatory arbitration clause, based on the article, the person has waived his or her right to lodge a legal complaint on the court.

Are you one of those who joined the #AgeChallenge? If you have not managed to keep yourself safe from its security concerns, you can keep your loved ones safe by sharing this information.

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