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ZEUS, HADES, AND POSEIDON – The Big Three Greek Gods

ZEUS, HADES, AND POSEIDON – In this topic, we will now know the myths of the big three Greek gods of Olympus: Zeus, Hades and Poseidon.

These three are the sons of the titan god of time Kronos and the titan goddess of female fertility, motherhood, and generation Rhea. They revolt against their father as the prophecy foretold and soon became the gods of Olympus, along with other gods.


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The god of thunder and the sky and the king of Olympus. According to the story, he led in the battle against the titans and his father Cronus. he was the only child who was not devoured by his father, thanks to his mother Rhea, who replaced him with a rock.

He is also famous for having many affairs, despite his marriage to his sister-wife Hera. Again, he is the father of gods and heroes like Ares, Athena, Hercules, Perseus, and more.


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The eldest brother of the three and the god of riches, the dead, and the underworld. The stories tell that he kidnapped Persephone and married her when he tricked her by letting her eat one of his ripe fruits, which would mean that he will own her for eternity. He also owns the guard three headed dog Cerberus.


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The bad-tempered and envious god of the seas, earthquakes, soil, storms, and horses. He is also the protector of seafarers and many cities and colonies. Poseidon lost to Athena when they fought over the city of Cecropia, now called Athens when the people chose Athena’s olive tree rather than Poseidon’s sprouted salt water. Athena and Poseidon only collaborated together in making the chariot, where Athena made the mechanism, while Poseidon made the horses.

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