Menya Kokoro, Best Dry Ramen In Tokyo Now In Philippines

Menya Kokoro, Best Dry Ramen In Tokyo Now Arrived In The Philippines

MENYA KOKORO – Menya Kokoro, the restaurant with the best dry ramen or mazesoba in Tokyo, Japan, recently arrived in the Philippines.

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According to GMA Network News, the restaurant offers a different and unique take on the dry ramen. Menya is owned by Chef Takuma Ishikawa, who opened the restaurant in Tokyo in 2013.

Recently, he already have 18 stores located all around Tokyo and 6 international stores, in which Manila is now included on the fray.

The restaurant is located in the Uptown Mall of Bonifacio Global City or BGC. Unlike its counterparts in Japan, the restaurant is a bit smaller.

As per the report, Malvin Ang was the man behind the opening of the restaurant since he, along with Japanese director Akihiro Koga, went to Japan to find the best restaurant to bring to the Philippines. Ang further said that by 2020, he will open five more Menya restaurants. Ang and Koga both said that they plan to bring more mazesoba restaurants in the Philippines.

For now, the restaurant offers the following mazesoba: Classic or Tokyo mazesoba, Spicy, Vegan, Zenbu, Cheese, and Curry.

Mazesoba is literally translated as “mixed noodles”. The best way to enjoy this food, as per the article, is to mix the contents of the bowl first. Then add their special vinegar with Japanese seaweed or kombu as this will make the noodles chewier.

The third step is to slurp the noodles. not only would it make the noodles less hot to eat, it also is a gesture in Japan to tell the chef that you enjoy the food. The last is to add rice once you finished the noodles in order to enjoy the sauce and meat left in the bowl.

What do you think? Would you like to enjoy the mazesoba? Let us know about it.

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