Netizen Slams Students for Leaving ‘Spaghetti’ at Food Court After Christmas Party “sayang yun pagkain”


Netizen Slams Students for Allegedly Leaving ‘Spaghetti’ at Food Court A male netizen lambasted irresponsible students for leaving a pack of spaghetti at a food court after attending a Christmas party. As the Yuletide season approaches, schools and officers have been holding Christmas parties in previous weeks. The majority of individuals are working hard to … Read more

Bibingka with Macapuno Featured In The New York Times

bibingka with macapuno

This time of the year, Bibingka with Macapuno is a must-eat The New York Times featured the famous Filipino delicacy bibingka with macapuno which is extra popular during this time of the year. Traditionally, the Philippines has the longest holiday season. Filipinos start this as early as September or the beginning of the “ber” months. … Read more

Lumpiang Shanghai as Best Street Food Dish

Lumpiang Shanghai

Filipino Spring Roll or Lumpiang Shanghai Featured in TasteAtlas Lumpiang Shanghai once again prove it’s name as one of the best street food dish according to food website TasteAtlas. These Filipino spring rolls, also known as Lumpiang Shanghai, are filled with minced pork and vegetables like carrots, wrapped in a thin crepe, and then deep-fried. … Read more

Security Guard Runs Amok, Shots 2 Men After Ran Out of Food

Security Guard Shots 2 Men After Runs Amok Due to Food Shortage Two (2) men were killed after a security guard runs amok and began shooting when he allegedly ran out of food in Makati City. The suspect, a security guard at South Forbes Park Village in Makati City, is being wanted by the police. … Read more

Japanese Egg Sandwich: Visit Omotesando Koffee To Experience This

japanese egg sandwich omotesando koffee fi

Try Omotesando Koffee’s Japanese Egg Sandwich Omotesando Koffee offers a simple but delicious Japanese egg sandwich also known as the “egg sando.” This establishment made its debut in December last year. After almost a year, its popularity skyrocketed and one of the popular offerings that it has is the egg sandwich. Omotesando Koffee is located … Read more

Endless Pasta Promo Available At Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

endless pasta promo mama lous

Avail now the Endless Pasta Promo of Mama Lou’s Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen offers Endless Pasta Promo that will surely everyone’s pasta craving. Pasta is comfort food for many Pinoys and although this dish did not originate in the Philippines, many Filipinos are loving this kind of food with its wide variation. Based on the … Read more

Crepe Talk Cafe: A New Way To Enjoy Your Crepe

crepe talk cafe

Visit Crepe Talk Cafe and have a new experience enjoying your favorite crepe Crepe Talk Cafe offers savory and sweet crepe that crepe lovers will surely enjoy along with a good ambiance whether indoor or outdoor. This establishment is located at 57 Scout Tobias Street, Diliman, Quezon City. Based on the article in, this … Read more