Eating Habits To Aid Weight Loss: Small Efforts To Make Changes

These are some random eating habits to make you lose weight.

EATING HABITS – Here are some eating habits you might want to practice if you are in pursuit of shedding off some fats and lose some pounds.

Easy to gain weight and difficult to lose some. This could be one of the major problems of most girls that some have actually dreamed of how to eat everything without making your hips wider and your arms bigger.

Eating Habits

But these eating habits might be a step to start little changes and achieve your goal:

  • 5 to 6 SMALL meals in a day – Reduce amount of food every meal in an interval.
  • Small amounts of high-calorie foods – Instead of putting few berries on top of an ice cream, do it the other way around instead. Put a spoon full of ice cream on top of bowl of berries. Such as strips of small part of steak in a plate of vegetables.
  • Drink water – Keep on drinking water and avoid sweetened drinks as they are high in calories.
Eating Habits
  • Downsize dinner plates – Use smaller dinner plates – smaller plates means smaller amount of food to eat.
  • Raw foods in every meal – Raw foods such as fruits and vegetable is a must in every meal. They are healthy and makes you feel fuller preventing you to eat more foods and can replace high-calorie cooked foods.
  • Restaurant-style meals – Like in restaurants, what’s served for you is the food which is made in the kitchen. That also means that serving are not in big amounts and the leftovers are put away.
Eating Habits
  • Salad or soup every meal – Zucchini, tomatoes, and cucumber in meals will make you take lesser foods with calories. And in soup, be sure that it is clear and not creamy.
  • NO TO WHITE FOODS – Simple carbohydrates from flour and sugar added to bread can affect blood sugar and eventually lead to weight gain. The same goes with white rice.


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