Weight Loss Inspiration: Lady’s Very Easy Tips To Lose Weight Went Viral

Check out this story as your weight loss inspiration.

WEIGHT LOSS INSPIRATION – Here is the story of a young lady who shared very easy tips as to how she lost weight with these very easy tips.

Indeed, one of the hardest thing to do is lose weight but it has always been so easy to eat and eventually gain weight. However, people must also consider and monitor their health.

Just like this lady whose post about losing weight went viral online.


And now, being generous enough as a lot of people have been curious about her diet and how she achieved it, she shared what she did to achieve that body anyone must probably die to have for.

Check out her tips and her meal plan for 5 months below:

(*Without gym and slimming pills*)

*2 glass of water every 2 hours.

*atleast 2000 calories lang in a day or less plus exercise

✅ BREAKFAST : MONDAY – 2 boiled eggs and 2 chopped tomatoes; TUESDAY – King’s Breakfast with 2 cups of rice and any dish you like; and goes on every other day of routine every week. Rice should be every other day.

✅ LUNCH : Banana and Sky Flakes with Water or alternate meal with Tuna sandwich

✅ MERYENDA : Every Saturday and Sunday – donut or milk tea or McDo Fries

✅ DINNER : In an alternate manner like dinner on Monday then no dinner on Tuesday. Strictly NO RICE. More on Veggies like cabbage with Mayo.


✅ 30 mins jog at least 2 times a week

✅ 20 squats, 30 jumping jacks and 20 sit ups every morning

✅ watch 30 mins workout on YouTube at least twice a week


❌ FAST FOOD or at least twice in a month


❌ Starvation

❌ CAKES and CHOCOLATES at least once a week


See full post below:


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