Photo of Old Man Inside Hospital Shows PH Healthcare System May Need Improvement

PH Healthcare System May Need Improvement

The heartbreaking photo of a poor old man’s situation inside a hospital shows that the Philippines’ healthcare system may need improvement.

Recently, a Facebook user named King Bernard Del Rosario Dy has posted a wakeup call to our government.

Dy is calling the attention of the government to provide more funds to improve the healthcare system of the country.

Healthcare System

Bernard has posted the photo of an old man lying in a chair being manually ventilated by his watcher while two other watchers are searching for stretchers.

In the photo, it can be seen that the old man’s both arms were hanging and touching the floor in the resuscitation area.

The concerned netizen realized that the Philippines really needs a big change, especially in healthcare services to provide quality medical attention to Filipino people.

Here is the full post:

“@2:39 am in a public hospital here in manila

This is not to spread hate but it is a wake up call to our Government to alot more funds for Healthcare System of the Philippines.

It pains me to see this old man in the resuscitation area being manually ventillated by his watcher, seeing his both arms hanging and touching the floor. And another 2 watchers searching stretchers to provide bed for their relative.

The healthcare system of our country needs improvement… Indeed, a big change must be brought to provide better healthcare service to every filipino.

This made me realize there are a lot of people needs help. A lot of people can be helped.”

Healthcare System

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