Honest Street Cleaner Returns Lost Wallet Containing Cash to Owner

Honest Street Cleaner Returns Lost Wallet w/ Huge Amount of Cash

An honest street cleaner returned a lost wallet containing cash and important documents to its respective owner without any hesitation.

Nowadays, a lot of posts regarding honest people returning lost items and valuables are now circulating online.

The increasing acts of honesty prove that the faith in humanity was restored despite the increase of wickedness.

Honest Street Cleaner

Another street sweeper showed an act of honesty after returning a lost wallet with a huge amount of cash.

Recently, a Facebook user named Christine Janelle Kho revealed that Mr. Angelo Baguio, a regular street cleaner returned her wallet.

Angelo Baguio who is working as a street cleaner in Ayala Business Park found the wallet while sweeping in front of Solinea.

Honest Street Cleaner

The honest man returned the wallet containing cash amounting nearly P30k, important IDs, and cards to Kho and also refused to accept any reward.

Here is the full story:

“This is Mr. Angelo Baguio.

He is a street cleaner working for Ayala Business Park. 
I lost my wallet today that contained around 30k , some important IDs and cards.
I realized I lost it when I was walking back to the Condo from the mall.
I was half hearted about looking for it and tried to look for less than 10 mins because in my head, who would return it?
I already accepted the fact that it was lost.

But minutes later, my dad received a call that they found my wallet.
Mr. Baguio found it while sweeping in front of Solinea.

He returned it and refused to accept any reward.

Faith in humanity restored.
Sana all.”

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