PROGRESSIVE VERB TENSES: 3 Tenses In Progressive With Samples

PROGRESSIVE VERB TENSES: The 3 Tenses Of Verb In Progressive Form And Their Examples

PROGRESSIVE VERB TENSES – In this topic, we will discuss the three verb tenses in their progressive form and their examples.

You have now known the three basic tenses of verb mainly: past, present, and future.

In summary:

  • Past – action already done by the doer;
  • Present – action currently done by the doer of the action;
  • Future – action that haven’t done by the doer but will be done in the future.

Now, aside from adding the term “progressive”, as the name implies, progressive verbs are commonly used to depict an ongoing action at a certain amount of time.

They are composed of a verb added with “ing” to indicate a continuing action.


  • running
  • swimming
  • eating
  • drinking
  • lying
  • leaving
  • flying
  • waving
  • doing
  • weaving

Here is how you apply them in three verb tenses:

Past Progressive – Just simply add “was” or “were” in the beginning of the progressive verb.


  • Earl was working on his output in research.
  • I was eating lunch at 2 pm.
  • My friends were sitting on the couch last night watching television.

Present Progressive – Simply add “is” “are” or “am” at the start of the verb


  • Carl is running around the field.
  • Gwen and Stacy are baking chocolate cake.
  • I am washing my clothes for tomorrow.

Future Progressive – Add “will be” at the start of the verb.


  • We will be cooking pochero tonight.
  • Helen will be doing the laundry tomorrow.
  • I will be practicing for the school dance later.

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